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We want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of skill and professionalism of our designers when working with Timeless Home Designs. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life more beautiful. You can trust us to provide everything you need in order to produce truly exceptional building experience.

Design Brief

What You Want

Our team at Timeless Home Designs understands how important it is for clients to create a lasting visual impact, At Timeless Home Design we take the time to get to know you.  We listen to your story.  We ask all the right questions.  We find out what you love to do everyday, so we can design a home that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Initial Site Inspection-IMG_0345.jpg

Site Visit

Knowledge is key 

Shortly after the design brief we will organise a site inspection. This site view will enable us to go over the site to assess the site conditions and to see if there are any views which can be optimised during the designing of your new home.

Sketch presentation

Service Benefits

After the design brief and site meeting we will put your ideas onto paper. This is the starting point of seeing your dream home becoming a reality! This stage is an interactive one and changes to the design brief can be made along the way so you can be confident that your final design will be exactly what you are after.

Floor plan 1.png
Front Elevation 1.png

Final plan

Carefully Crafted

Once you are happy with the design, we will provide you with a final set of plans, including some 3D renderings so you can get a feel for what your dream home will look like. If any changes need to be made, this is easily done.

Finding the builder right for you

Carefully Selected 

Timeless Home Designs will send your plans out to a shortlist of hand-selected builders that we know and trust. We can also send your plans on behalf of you to a builder of your choosing. each builder will then prepare a quote based on your plans.

In a Meeting

Selecting the Builder

Working with you

Once all the quotes have come back we will have a meeting to go over them. From here we will select which two builders are going to best suit your needs. Timeless Home Designs. will then set up two introductory meetings for you, one with each builder. Tim, the owner of Timeless Home Designs, will also attend both of these meetings with you. After the introductions with the builders you will have your final meeting with Tim to select the builder you want to build your dream home.

Planning approval


Once a builder has been selected, planning drawings will be provided if the council require it for your design. Timeless Home Designs will help you with all the paper work and planning submission.

PRINT 84 Hodgson St Tuart Hill 18.jpg

Interior design

Beautifully Creative

Timeless Home Designs will pass your details onto our friendly interior designer. If you wish to move forward with this service the interior designer will put together an addenda of all your selection. This will help the builders cost the right items for you dream home providing you with an accrete costing.

Construction Drawings

Moving forward

Once the council has approved your planning drawing and we have selected a builder who will build your dream home. 
We start the working drawings. once these have been completed your home is ready for engineering and energy assessment & council building approval.


Construction of your Dream Home

Journey starts here

Once Building licence has been approved by the council, this is when it all starts on site to the construction of your new home. During this stage you will have the peace of mind, Tim the owner of Timeless Home Designs will have regular site visits with the builder to make sure your project is staying track.

Move in Day

Key handover 

Now that construction of you new home is completed. You get to move into your new home. After 6 month the builder will organise a inspection of the home, this is to check to make sure all is in working order. It is a standard practice in the building industry, but please make a list for the builder.


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