Custom home designs to suit your lifestyle.
There’s no better feeling than waking up in a Timeless home.


Imagine waking up to this luxury. Every single day.


Congratulations!  If you’re looking for a custom home design, then you’re at the first step of an exciting journey. Of course, you want that journey to be an enjoyable one.  At Timeless Home Designs, we can take the stress out of building your custom home.  With us, you can feel confident that your dream home really can be a reality.


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Did you know that when you choose Timeless Home Designs you own the copyright to your dream home?   This means your home will be 100% unique, designed for you, and you’ll have the freedom to find and use any builder who you decide is best suited to turn your dreams into reality.

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So how many custom home design sites have you looked at today?  Are you confused or frustrated with all the options?   Really, how do you choose a designer based on the pretty pictures on a website?

Wouldn’t you like to find a designer who just ‘gets you'?

At Timeless Home Design we take the time to get to know you.  We listen to your story.  We ask all the right questions.  We find out what you love to do everyday, so we can design a home that will fit perfectly into your lifestyle.


The Story of Timeless Home Designs

Who we are

Timeless Home Designs is one of the most recognized design studios in the Perth area. Our reputation was built on performance, trust and, most importantly, creativity. We love what we do and are constantly looking for new sources of inspiration.


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